Beautiful Blogs

Just a quick post.

I am always searching around for blogs to read. I love it when I find a blog where someone has really tried to show their personality, it could be in the writing or in the idea around the blog or like these it could be the design of the blog.

These are are few blogs that I have come across recently which have created interesting banners, page layouts and altogether designs.

flattery by blogger breanne on fashion, design and art. When you look at the banner you know what this blog is about. I love that it has made her blog feel very personal.

Seaofghosts A blog where I think the banner and the black and white theme of the blog reflect the feel of her blog. A bit different, a bit darker maybe? I think it reflects her personal style too.


Llymlrs Blog by Lily Milrose on her life really. I like her style of writing on the blog as she is very down to earth. I think her blog banner shows how her blog is simple and personal.

Lucy Player

Lucy Player A blog showcasing her work. As someone interested in graphic design myself I really liked this banner. It’s simple and clean and obviously by someone interested in graphic design.

I like that some of these bloggers are just using hosts like blogspot and wordpress but are still able to make their blog stand out!


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