I have been creating a “mood board” of images on the largest wall on my room to get me thinking more creatively and be inspired everyday. Timothy Goodman a designer based in New York City this year created a “wall mural” for Ace Hotel which is a modern and very fashion forward hotel situated in Manhattan, New York. Along with a few other designers he was asked to design onto a wall in one of the hotel’s rooms. What I love about this hotel is the unique look to all of the rooms. Even with the out there pieces of design on the wall or a large metal ship door each room still has a cosy and homely feel to them. They’ve incorporated very modern design but not tried to force it all over the rooms.

Timothy Goodman decided to represent New York City in his mural design to the ‘tourist’ visiting the city. He created 99 photo frames and each contain a thing he loves about the city, a certain place, a fact, an interest or a certain part he likes.

The final design.

With the loud picture frames and the hotels simplistic and homely styled furniture, the design feels so natural and is definitely somewhere I’d like to stay if I was in NYC.

To see more of his mural and work go to his blog here.  You should also check out his proposed design for the New York magazine which I think was cruelly rejected for a photo of a steak!!

Typography VS Food!


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