Fine Art Project

For my fine art project we are exploring collages, assemblages and installations. I am most interested in the assemblages although there aren’t that many out there.

One of the technicians at my collage has set up a few of his own assemblages in our gallery and did a presentation about his work. You can find his work here

I found his work interesting as I’d actually never heard of assemblages and liked that he had collected lots of things and then just finds what he has and creates a piece of art.

My favourite from his site is ‘Victoria’ it was being shown in our gallery at college but had to be taken out. Firstly the actual frame/wall hanging is beautiful but I like that it has a mirror for you to see yourself around these objects.

For my assemblage I am thinking of using the theme of marriage/love something I know nothing of but countless books are written about. I want to buy some love stories, novel, poetry books then carve out the pages on the right to create a hole. Inside this whole I will place objects to do with a certain relationship/marriage. It might be a famous relationship, a novel romance, a fiction relationship or someones personal story.

I will then display the books like frames on a wall in a vertical line almost like a timeline. Here are my sketchbook research and design ideas.


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