An uneventful day!

I thought I would do a post of all the college project I have at the moment all of which I am a little behind on but have some ideas for all.

Graphic Design – The brief for this project is to create a book cover wraparound for a hardback book based on the theme of maps and we have to decide what sort of book it is and the story I guess. I like the idea of an adventure book because it has many possibilities but this may be a very obvious choice. I love those books that act like the story is very much real and the character had drawn in the book.

Printmaking – For this project we were simply given the theme ‘A Sense of Place’ which is quite broad really, I’ve decided to create a series’ of photo frames. I think that the we use frames to capture a sense of place within a family, remembering being part of something special.

Photography – This project has only just started due to tutors being off sick. The project is to chose a location and get your model to react as if they were in this place then we will actually place the photos in the locations. Unsure about this lesson I think it’s more about getting to know how to use the cameras. I will scan in my results :S

3D Design – The brief for this project is to create the ‘Ultimate’ Pinwheel. We can create whatever we like basically. I have decided to base mine more around wind farms on beaches and the modernisation of beaches and the eco designs. I am going to design a pattern to print onto fabric and cover three cubes. It will be a take on the deck chair, a more simple way of sitting on the beach in the mornings and at night.

Textiles – The theme for textiles is ‘Unconventional Beauty’. We are experimenting with techniques at the moment so far I have screen printed, made felt, heat-pressed and screen printed onto fabric. I want to base my final pieces on viruses under the microscope but I still have a lot of research to do.

Fine Art – For fine art we can chose to do collage, assemblage and installation. There are three themes but we can explore into other themes too. One of the themes is marriage and I am thinking of doing an assemblage on rings.

Those are some of my projects that I have at the moment and I will start to post my work when I start to scan it.



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